Automatic Ridge Cap Machine Colored Prepainted Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines

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Colored Prepainted Steel Ridge Cap Making Machine with 3 Tons Uncoiler and Automatic Cutter

General Introduction
This metal roll former machine is desinged with No. 45 steel rollers coated with chrome, which is making colour painted iron ridge cap panels with a good quality. The whole production line consists of 3 tons uncoiler, sheet guilder, rollform machine, step pressing equipment, hydraulic cutter, runout tables. With this machine, the operator can produce the desired ridge caps auotomatically after the parameters setting into the Mitsubishi PLC control system.

Techincal Description
1. Manual Decoiler
Material coil inner diameter: 508mm
Max coil width: 600mm
Max capacity: 3 tons
2. Rollform System
Number of forming steps: around 16 steps
Shaft material: 45# steel with quenching treatment; Shaft diameter:70mm
Roller material: 45# steel polished and coated with chrome HRC55-60deg
Main motor power: 5.5kw; Workinging speed: 3m/min; Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3 phrase
3.Step Presser & Cutter
Hydraulic Post-cutter; 45# steel polished and coated with chrome HRC55-60deg
Blade, pressig and mold material: Cr12 steel with quenched treated 55-60degC
4. Control system
Type: PLC Frequency Control System with touching screen
PLC Brand: Mitsubishi; Encoder Brand: Omron; Length Tolerance: +-2mm
5. Output table: It is simple and used to load finished product. Length: 1.5 meters x 2

Working Flow
Decoiling---->Sheet Guilding---->Rollforming---->Step Pressing---->Cutting---->Finished Ridge Cap Sheets on Runout Tables

Main Roll Former Machine Components
* De-coiler------------------------------------------1set
* Sheet guilder-------------------------------------1 set
* Rollformer machine--------------------------------1set
* Step pressing device---------------------------1set
* Cutting device -----------------------------------1set
* PLC control box ---------------------------------1set
* Runout Tables-----------------------------------1set

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