Aluminium / Steel Stepped Roofing Ridge Cap Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

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Automatic Steel & Aluminium Stepped Roofing Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine With Mitsubishi PLC, Inverter and Operator

This metal colld roll former machine is making stepped roof ridge cap sheets. The surface of finished ridge capping sheets is smooth and without any scratch. We adopt Mitsubishi PLC control system for the machine and the parameters like sheet length, sheet quantity can be set into the control system through touching screen, then this roll former machine will start the prodcution automatically. We usually design and manufacture the machines according to customers' requirement.

Machine Features:
1. Precise Forming
2. High-solid forming stand guarantees a good and uniform high quality of final products
3. The operation automatically minimizes the tolerance of cutting length

Technical Parameters of Steel & Aluminum Roofing Ridge Cap Panel Rollformer:

Material Spec: Colored and galvanized steel sheet, aluminum sheet, 235MPa
Thickness of Coil Sheet: 0.4-0.7mm
Coil Width: It's up to the final ridge cap design
Working Speed: around 3m/min.
Main Motor Power: 5.5KW
Hydraulic Station Power: 5.5KW
Passive Uncoiler: max. capacity 3 tons
Quantity of Stands: around 15 groups
Controlling System: Mitsubishi PLC
Type of Cutting: Roll-Formed and Length-Set Cutting
Total Weight: About 7.5 tons
Voltage: 380V/3 phase/50 Hz or designed according to customers' requirement

Main Components of Metal Roof Ridge Cap Production Line
3 Tons Uncoiler 1 Unit
Direction Guilder 1 Unit
Roll Former Machine 1 Unit
Step Presser 1 Unit
Cutting Device 1 Unit
Mitsubishi PLC Controller 1 Unit
Conveyors 2 Units

Working Flow:
Decoiling---->Sheet Guilding---->Rollforming---->Cutting---->Finished Ridge Caps on Conveyor
Aluminium / Steel Stepped Roofing Ridge Cap Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Application: The finished step ridge cap is recommended to prevent water, rain or snow leakage for industrial and residential applications with simple installation. Ridge-stepping on cap is to match with step tile.

We are supplying all kinds of oven baked aluminium roofing sheets making machines, such as box prfiled longspan metral roofing sheet making machine, normal steptile roof sheet making machine, metcopo step tile roof sheet making machine, cameroon aluzinc roof sheet making machine, ridge cap manufacturing machine and so on. If you want to get more details about this Aluminium / Steel Stepped Roofing Ridge Cap Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine, please contact us by the following information!

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +0086 158 6814 2550

Price: ₦1.00
Category: Machine & Machineries
Location: Other Country
Town/City: Hangzhou, China
Telehone: 0086 158 6814 2550

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