Galvanised / Chromadek Wide Span Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

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Galvanised and Chromadek Wide Span Roof Sheeting Roll Former Machine


The rollers of this metal rollformer are made by No. 45 steel coated with chrome, which will guarantee the roller lifespan to be more than 10 years. The finished widespan roofing sheets are with a wider coverage and both galvanised and chromadek materials. Wide span roofing sheets have become one of the most popular sheetings used in construction of commercial and industrial buildings.

* Wide span roofing sheet is designed to provide the most advantageous load/span characteristics consistent with economy.
* Wide span roofing Sheet can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to a wide range of radii.

Working Flow of Widespan Roof Sheet Roll Former Machine

Decoiling----->Feeding----->Rollforming----->Cutting----->Finished Wide Span Roof Sheets on Runout Tables

Technical Information of Widespan Roof Sheet Roll Former Machine

Suitable Material: galvanized & color steel sheet; 0.3-0.7mm,
Working Speed: about 900-1200meters per hour
Hardness: 235-345MPa or 550MPa
Motor Power: Main motor power: 7.5 KW
Hydraulic station power: 2.2KW
Roller Material: No.45 steel plated with chrome on surface
Cutting Blades Material: Cr12 mould steel with quench treatment, HRC58-60
Shaft diameter: 72mm
Controlling system: Mitsubishi PLC & frequency converter, touching screen
Machine Weight: About 9500KGS
Installation Size: about 18mx2.5mx 1.5m (Depend on final design)

Main Components of Chromadek Wide Span Roof Sheet Roll Former Machine

* 5 tons decoiler
* Feeding device
* Roll forming system
* Hydraulic shearing device
* PLC control cabinet
* run out table

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Place of Origin: China

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