China hollow block making machine

Offered by jason jia, , Wed, 12/30/2015 - 13:37, Private, Other Country

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Multi-function of road hollow block making machine:

Our factory is famous for producing hollow block making machine,our website is machine adopts new technology,increase the pressure,automatic material feeding,automatic mould lifting,automatic block conveyor,increase the speed of mould lifting and block conveyor.Therefore the capacity is highly increased and the production cost is lower.Capable of making concrete block as big as length 1.2 meter,width 0.6meter,height 0.4meter(colorful or raw ),and need no pallet.
There are mainly six advantages:
<1>.three-three-one,two-two-one working position of flow process,Low labor cost,need no special person for material feeding,continuous operation of machine,no need to stop machine for block stacking,labor intensity of labor highly reduced.
<2>.Different model of road paver block machine: 6 blocks machine,8 blocks machine,12 blocks machine,16 blocks machine,18,26 blocks machine,28 blocks machine,30 blocks machine,34 blocks machine,all machines are capable of automatic material feeding,automatic block transfer,multi-functional use.

<3>Only one time remote stacking,save time,labor and area,ensure product quality.
<4>No need pallet,save pallet investment;Lower the labor cost for second time stacking,ensure block quality;Everyone knows there will be huge cost of pallet loss for all the old machines using pallet for maintenance before stacking.
<5>High capacity and saving labor cost.For producing each paver block,this machine will save one cent(based on many factory's production).If 6000pcs/day,this machine will save you around 60USD.The higher the capacity,the more the machine saves.
<6>Investment on this kind of road paver block machine usually are smaller than old machines,truly achieve high efficiency,low consumption and multi-function.With one single machine,factory could produce:lawn brick,big road curb stone,terrazzo brick,different shape road paver,building brick,eight hole block,slope protection block,basic construction of farmland,U type drainage along road side and eaves board,etc.All you need to do is to exchange the mould.

Price: ₦6 800.00
Category: Machine & Machineries
Location: Other Country
Telehone: 15318522755

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