Low Cost Robotic Surgery in India to Assist Overseas Patients

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The most reputed medical tourism company Dheeraj Bojwani Health Consultants has assisted many overseas patients to get a successful and low cost robotic surgery in India. It makes arrangement of medical visa, boarding, lodging, meals, lab tests and medical appointments with the surgeons. Hi tech hospitals of India are having tie ups with us. We have an eminent quality of treating and curing our patients coming to any city of India. If you get treatment in India with us then we can assure you or meeting your most ethical requirements or needs. During a robotic surgery the doctor makes use of computers to check the functioning of instruments that are connected to multiple arms. The computer indicates the movements of the surgeon and robotic arms at the time of making or performing robotic surgery.

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You can make a phone call at +91-9860755000.

Price: ₦5 000.00
Category: Health Care
Location: Ikeduru
Telehone: 919371136499

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