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This product contains marine protein and oil products, processed grain and vegetable products,processed
poultry by-products,etc
Zeigler African Catfish diets are "top shelf" marine protein-based diets.

Nutrition is defined as nourishment through a series of interrelated steps by which a living organism assimilates food for growth, maintenance, and reproduction. All life forms require a regular supply of specific chemical substances, called nutrients, which must be consumed and processed biochemically in the body in order to survive and reproduce.

It has been said that "we are what we eat", for proper nutrition improves health, longevity, resistance to disease, and efficiency of various physiological functions. Properly designed foods can also greatly reduce the undesirable impact of environmental pollution through the consumption of scientifically formulated diets which improve digestibility and nutrient utilization.

Price: ₦5 200.00
Category: Agriculture / Agric Products
Location: Ikeja
Town/City: Mende/Maryland
Telehone: 08060083474

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