Spiritual Herbalist Healer in Alberton , Germiston , Edenvale ,Kempton +27833630326

Offered by drandy, , Thu, 01/15/2015 - 12:22, Private, Aba North

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Dr Andy Chad is specialized in treating diseases and solving people s problems as mentioned below.
*Read And Tell All Your Problems Before You Mention Them To Him
*Bring Back Lost Lovers, Even If Lost For A long Time In 3Days
*Remove Bad Spells From Homes, Business Etc
*Ensure That Promotion You Have Desired For A long Time At Work
*Herbal Therapy For Controlling Early Ejaculation
*Herbal Medication For Enlarging The Penis In Both Length And Girth Permanently, It Stimulates Goth Of Tissues And Muscles Thus Increasing The Size.
*Guarantee You To Win That Troubling Court Cases, No Matter What Stage
*Ensure Success As You Get Rich Quickly
*Eliminate Family Fights Between Children And Parents, In Laws, Husband, Wife And Ensure Peace And Harmony In Home.
*Recover Stolen Properties To Your Business And Trace Where About People That Hate You.
*Attract Customers To Your Business & Trust Your Trade Into Favorite.
*Swollen Body, Pain Of The Joints And Bones.
*Extreme Protection For Those Who Are Doing Dangerous Jobs Like Security Guards, Bank Managers, Cash Transporters Etc.
*Guarantee That Your Loved $ Trusted By Your Challenges, Husband, Wife, In-laws, Friends Etc.
*Quit Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Using Purely Herbal Therapies With No Side Effects.
*Do You Have Body And Vaginal Pains, Bad Periods, Lots Of Fat All Stomach Pains, Problems Homes/Work/Kids, And So Many Others
Quick Boasting Charms For Men:
*To Enlarge Your Penis To The Size You Want In (3Days)
*Strong Erection/S perming Quickly
*Attract Charms For Ladies To Love You.
For Women
*Breast Herbal Gel To Make Your Breast Pointed At Any Age.
*Bums Hips Enlarge Gel &Reduction
*Herbal Gel To Tighten Your Private Parts
*Attraction Charms For Men To Admire You &Propose you.
Other Problems
*Are You Fired & You Want Your Job Back?
*Do You Have Body Pains That Medical Doctors Have Failed?

For More Details
Call On +27833630326
Email: [email protected]
N: B. We Also Offer Distance Services Worldwide Through Online And Phone Readings

Price: ₦450.00
Category: Health Care
Location: Aba North
Town/City: South Africa , Nigeria
Telehone: +27833630326
Price negotiable: ₦: 0000

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