Shops On SALE at Dubai-Abuja International Market, Kaura District, Abuja!

Offered by [email protected], , Tue, 04/17/2012 - 14:57, Company, Abuja

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The Types Of Shops On Sale at this Abuja International Market are: 
(i)Co-operate (24 by 30) 
Space..... 30M 
Finished.... 80M 
(ii)Double Lockup Shop (8 by 16) 
Space..... 18M 
Finished..... 30M 
(iii)Single Lockup Shop (4 by 8) 
Space...... 10M 
Finished..... 18M 
(iv)Regular Lockup Shop (3 by 4) 
Finished...... 10M
Category: Real Estate
Location: Abuja
Town/City: Kaura District
Telehone: 08038254402
Price negotiable: ₦: 10,000,000.00

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