Security siren alarm padlock

Offered by boyfour, , Sun, 09/17/2017 - 18:26, Company, Ikeja

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.110db siren
.alarms if moved or knocked
.auto-alarming system & locking system
.can be used alarmed or unalarmed
.alarm automatic reset
.ant twist, cut, hot processed &hardened
.stainless steel shackle
.hardened zinc alloy body
.weather resistant
.corrosion resistant
.high security keys

Alarm padlock instructions
Your alarm padlock can be used alarmed with motion sensitive alarm active or unalarmed as a normal padlock .it is movement and shock sensitive and will help protect anything you can attach it to.

Alarming and Disalarming
Unlock your padlock and remove the shackle. there is a deep groove on the key port side of the lock, the alarm is active as you insert the shackle the unit will beep. If fited the other way round unit will not make a noise.
Disable the alarm when using on moving vehicles and change the shackle position to set the alarm when the vehicle is stationary.

Inset the key and turn clockwise to release the shackle with the groove near to the key port. The lock will beep to indicate that the alarm is active. The padlock will be armed after30 seconds, Turn the key anti-clockwise to lock the unit, the first time the alarm is triggered the unit will provide a tripe beep warming, this allows you to unlock it without setting off the alarm.the next trigger will cause an alarm.

To turn off the alarm, unlock the padlock and remove the shackle
the two tone 110db siren will sound for then seconds when triggered and will sound again if triggered again, after 35seconds without a trigger, the padlock will reset so that a further trigger will give the triple beep warming before alarming.

Battery replacement
To replace the batteries, remove the shackle and carefully undo the two screws at the bottom of the shackle holes. Pull the padlock apart, carefully open the battery cover and replace the batteries. Do not lose or damage the rubber washer on each screw.

This alarm requires 6xa76/lr44 1.5v cells
make sure you insert the batteries with the correct polarity. In normal conditions batteries should last up to 6 months or over 2000 then second alarms


Price: ₦2 000.00

Vehicle details

Vehicle Fuel Type: Diesel
Vehicle Mileage: 0000km - 1000km
Vehicle Model : Year 2013 Model
Vehicle Transmission: Automatic
Category: Baby food
Location: Ikeja
Town/City: lagos
Telehone: 08090523235

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