Roof Tile Forming Machine

Offered by queenmachinery, , Mon, 03/12/2012 - 16:49, Company, Abuja

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Roof Tile Forming Machine

Main Features of Roof Tile Forming Machine:

1. Is manually fed and controlled - Is simple to operate and maintain;
2. Requires just a few hours of instruction to become familiar with its operation;
3. Occupies and needs very little floor area for production;
4. May be disconnected from the power supply and ‘stored’ when not in use;
5. Designed and constructed to the same high-quality engineering standards for which all of our equipment is known.

Main Technical Specifications of Roof Tile Forming Machine:

 Product dimension  424x337mm
 Forming speed  7-8pcs./min
 Forming  Press and sieve
 Production  3500pcs.(8hours)
 Power  14.45kW
 Voltage  380V
 Mainframe dimension  3200x1600x2600mm


Category: Others
Location: Abuja
Telehone: 00863918590203
Price negotiable: ₦: upon request

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