Public Speaking, Speech Writing, Oral Presentation Training in Lagos (2012)

Offered by Ezeanya Jonas, , Thu, 03/08/2012 - 09:26, Private, Lagos

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PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING NOW REGISTERING!! «1» Benefits for You • Banish your fears of public speaking. Conquer stage fright, nervousness, and anxiety in speaking! • Discover hidden Principles of Persuasion. Master Aristotle's three Modes of Persuasion: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. • Sharpen your Oral Presentation skills. No more dry presentations • Learn to psycho-analyse ANY audience (Audience Analysis) for maximum message-audience relation • Speech Writing: Write and deliver a winning speech all by yourself • Make PowerPoint your friend. Make it work for you • Capture and retain audience attention throughout your presentation. Learn to use Rhetorical Devices to spice up your speech! • Improve your CV and enhance your 'employability' now! Scale interviews and get your dream job! «2» Who Needs This Training? • The general public: Self improvement is a continuous process. Speak and get results! • Sales / Marketing Agents: discover Principles of Persuasion. Present your products & services to potential customers / clients more convincingly. • Employees: does your job require you to make oral presentations from time to time? Then refine your speaking, and oral presentation, skills and become indispensable at your work place! • Youth are encouraged to enrol for this training. Do you have a poor CV? Why not add 'something extra'?! Take advantage of the discount course fee. You can't find it any lower than this! «3» Training Details • Where: Lekki, Lagos • When: Opens 30 March, 2012 • Phone: 0818 972 0737, 0803 793 1047 • Course fee: N21,000, if you register on/before 14th March, 2012. (Regular course fee = N30,000. That's a whopping 30% discount for you!) «4» Invitation & Registration Don't lose this opportunity to enhance your productivity, competence, and capability. Now you finally have a chance to acquire this all-important skill that they never taught you at school. Give your CV a boost. Add one more skill to your list. It's very affordable! Every individual should be eloquent in speaking. Register early and get 30% discount. This is the best fee you can get for this type of training. Most others charge up to 3-8 times more! Get the full details here: • Visit: LiveSpeech Nigeria Website for more detail. • E-mail: [email protected] • Call: 0818 972 0737, 0803 793 1047 Tell your friends, too!! _

Category: Professional Services
Location: Lagos
Town/City: Lekki
Telehone: 08189720737
Price negotiable: ₦: 21000

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