farm land for sale @ a cheap price of 70,000 per acre!

Offered by prosperityinnovations387, , Tue, 12/18/2012 - 17:47, Private, Oyo

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Stop looking for job,try to create one for your self, farming is the only reasonable business for any graduate to venture into now,look at the following TIPs that will help know more about farming.
Every business in Nigeria shouldn't be about buying and selling, vegetable farming is one aspect of farming in Nigeria that is capable of bringing quick cash to the would be farmer this season. There ar
e so many people in the streets of Lagos who have no business being in Lagos. While they waste away in poverty, hoping for a better tomorrow; opportunity to make good money through farming is actually passing them by on daily basis.

In Nigeria of those days, the term 'Farmer' is heavily associated with poverty and illiteracy. But that was then, not now anymore when farmers are becoming the richest people (I heard that one of the richest man in China is a farmer) and leaving the best of life possible.

Vegetable farming happens to be one of the easiest agricultural engagement, and any kind of edible vegetable is always in hot demand all year round. One good example is Fluted Pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) popularly known as Ugu (It's Igbo name) across Nigeria.

Ugu vegetable is by far, the most consumed vegetable of any kind in Nigeria. An acre size Ugu farm is capable of turning in above N500,000 and it will take you less than N60,000 to cultivate one acre farm of fluted pumpkin.

If you are in Lagos, the entire Power Line of hundreds of Acres, that stretched from Egbin power station in Ijede, Ikorodu, down to almost Ikorodu garage are extremely good for Ugu farming and you can get them almost free to cultivate your pumpkin and other vegetables.

Some popular Vegetables in Nigeria that you can Cultivate

Fluted Pumpkin - Like I've said before, Pumpkin vegetable is the most consumed vegetable by Nigerians of all class. It is used to prepare varieties of dishes and it's very nutritious too. When you talk about soup in Nigeria, you are directly talking about ugu because, almost all Nigerian soups are cooked with this vegetable.

Apart from cooking, pumpkin vegetable has been known to increase the volume of the red blood cell when consumed fresh, without being cooked. It's blood enhancing nutrients gives it the ability to expand the volume of your blood at a very short time after consumption!

It is of course natural for a vegetable of these benefits and usage to be in high demand, anyone who can cultivate Ugu, is absolutely going to make good money selling it and can be cultivated in every part of Nigeria due to the plant's tolerant of drought and poor soil.

Green Okra - Okra, which is popularly known as the lady's finger and gumbo, in many English speaking countries is a very nutritious edible green pod vegetable. When sliced, the okra's edible green seed pods produces slippery sticky substance that make the soup tick, smooth, and delicious. My personal experience with okra shows that eating fresh vegetable soup prepared with plenty of okra can relive constipation and increase digestion.

If you are a Nigerian, you don't need to be told about okra soup. It's one of the most popular soup in Nigeria restaurants, usually prepared with Ugu vegetable and smoked fish - very delicious and taste good.

Okra contains good amount of Vitamin-A and is known to be anti-oxidant due to it's good content of beta-carotene. It is also rich in Vitamin-C, Vitamin-K, and some form of Vitamin-B Complexes. Like Fluted Pumpkin, it tolerate all kinds of soil.

Cabbage - Cabbage is another popular vegetable in Nigeria and is popularly used to prepare salads. The only part of the plant that is normally eaten is the rounded leafy head (the spherical cluster of immature leaves) excluding the partially unfolded outer leaves.

Because of it's spicy flavor, Cabbage is used in a variety of dishes, and is widely consumed raw as well. It is in high demand in Nigeria and sells for reasonably good price.

Cabbage really does not like the sun, it grows better in a cold environment but must get at least 6 hours of sunlight everyday. It grows well on a well fertile, well drained manured soil.

Cucumber - As I always says: Great skin starts with Cucumber; If you really want your skin to be happy, your number one answer is cucumber. This is because, cucumber and skin is known to share the same level of hydrogen content, which makes it easier for cucumber to deal with the skin problems by engulfing them. It works well in soothing, softening, and relaxing your skin very quickly.

Cucumber can be eaten raw and is used for preparation of many kinds of food in Nigeria. Cultivating this vegetable will surely put money into your pockets.

Cucumbers like every other vegetables like soil that is well drained and rich in organic matter, but "don't stress about the soil conditions. Cucumbers are hearty plants and easy to grow. Just make sure they have full sunlight and soil that is rich in organic matter."

When you engage in farming, you will have plenty of food to eat, you sell to make good cash, and it gets you closer to nature. These will increase your overall well being as a human-being. So, give it a trial today and see yourself happy.
Both Crop and livestock farming are profitable, if you are looking for a long time investment with peace of mind, go for crop, i.e Cocoa, Oil Palm etc, Cocoa on a 250 Acres of land, planted with the new hybrid Seedling will give you minimum of 2 Tonnes per Hectares per Annum, multiply by 100 hectares(1 hectares=2.5 acres) = 200 Tonnes, even at the current market cheap rate of N350000, (do your sum) and thats every year for the next 30-40 year.s Oil palm is the same margin as well. Livestock is very profitable as well, with even quicker turn around period but a greater risk. 100 sheep (if lambing occurs twice a year will give you between 300-400 sheep/ram a year, at the average rate of 50k during ileya, (do your sum) Farming is always a money spinner but very capital intensive, and with our banks not ready to loan you money, it makes it harder for your people to venture into farming.

And the good news is that PROSPERITY INNOVATIONS Is giving full support to all interested young farmers that has already have all it takes for farming except the farmland, they give them the opportunity to farm on any size of the land they needed and pay either for leasing or buying at the end of their harvest,but they pay with product of what they get from the farm.

Category: Agriculture / Agric Products
Location: Oyo
Town/City: ido local govt.
Telehone: 070-38695376.
Price negotiable: ₦: 70,000 per acre.

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