Cafus G-Project Reality TV Show Season 1

Offered by Cafus G-Project, , Sat, 01/19/2013 - 22:30, Private, Entire Nigeria

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Cafus G-Project will be executed from the Grassroot platform (Local Levels), after which all Grassroot levels have been successfully implemented with successful winners of each category (MUSIC, DANCE, COMEDY); a regional Talents Hunt WILDCARD for the six Geo-political zones will be organized incorporating all Grassroot talents from the 36 States of the federation.

Components originating from the Cafus G-Project will be based on its Iconic difference from other projects closely related to it, hence, serving as a well-defined Grassroot Brand not just for raising talents but incorporating the less-privileged ones. The brand will be rated based on organizational proficiency and coordination of Talents rising from its platform.

The G-Project embraces Music, Dance and Comedy; ultimately rating to the expected House-mates of 20 selected Talents (10 males and 10 females) representing 8 Musical Talents, 6 Dance Talents & 6 Comedy Talents. They will be housed for 7weeks in the G-Project House.

The G-Project will be aired on Local TV Stations; while Trailers (short videos) on daily house activities will be uploaded minute-by-minute on the G-Project official website at for fans to have a first-hand feel via our YouTube Channel.


The G-Project will have an Experienced Panel to select and censor Talents in each category that will be screened during the auditioning and as well serve as G-Project Panel Proper for the entire 7weeks of the G-Project. This is to maintain solid monitoring of housemates improvement from their auditioning stage to the competition proper. However, Tutors to aid the effective coaching of housemates in each category of Music, Dance and Comedy will be engaged to train G-Project for outstanding performances week-in week-out.

Category: Job Vacancies
Location: Entire Nigeria
Town/City: Lagos
Price negotiable: ₦: 1500

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