What are Holographic Prints used For?

Offered by David Egwede, Independent, Mon, 03/12/2018 - 20:37, Company, Entire Nigeria

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Holographic print is a form of hologram on a flat surface that produces 3-D effects when viewed. They are used to identify and secure documents from counterfeiting. Holographic prints can be done on various documents that include and are not limited to certificates and scratch cards.
At O'Naphtali we produce high quality holographic prints within and outside Nigeria, at relatively affordable prices.
For Further inquiries, kindly contact us on any of the following channels: Telephone: 08098485910, 07089690192 Email: [email protected]

Price: ₦10.00
Category: Others
Location: Entire Nigeria
Town/City: Lagos
Telehone: 08098485910

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