How to Pass Your WASSC Exams! An E-book

Offered by Ola-Babs, , Mon, 05/28/2018 - 14:45, Private, Ikeja

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Do you, your child, or your ward want to pass the WASSC exams?

You can pass the exams if you hunger to--with the information contained in this concise e-guide, which makes certain that you will pass the exams!

The e-book is a complete yet short, step-by-step guide that guarantees that you will pass the WASSCE.

The chapters of the guide, which are brief, include
i. When to begin preparation.
ii. Set your study and revision periods.
iii. Get the WASSCE syllabi; then the textbooks.
iv. Determine your speed of study.
v. Determine your required total and weekly number of study hours.
vi. Set your number and times of study hours for each day.
vii. Plan for adequate sleep.
viii. About recreation.
ix. Order of study and revision of subjects and topics.
x. Resolutely execute your daily study plan.
xi. How to learn.
xii. How to revise; plus the matters of past and rumoured questions.
xiii. Daily and weekly performance review.
xiv. Summary.

And the price of this invaluable e-book is a giveaway one thousand five hundred naira only!

Pass your WASSCE or let your child or ward pass their WASSCE: Get this succinct e-guide that makes certain that you will pass the exams!

Order your copy now! By calling Ola at 09036514302. Or by email to [email protected]

Or request free sample chapters of the guide. By calling Ola; or by email to the address above.

Price: ₦1 500.00
Category: Books
Location: Ikeja
Town/City: Ikeja
Telehone: 09036514302

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