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Ironing made easy without PHCN power supply. Now, one can iron clothes with generator, even the smallest generator (500 watts) with aid of GENERATOR POWER BOOSTER, 220v, 50-60Hz, 1000waats. The generator POWER booster can be plugged to small generator like tiger generator and bigger generating plants. It does not affect the sound of the generator neither will it affect your generator set in any way. It will help you to boost the amount of current output of your generating plant without damage to your generator coil e.g: for Ironing clothes. The consumption rate is small to allow you plug other things like: Tv, Fan, light bulbs, computer, phone charger and stereo system. The booster enhances and prolongs the life of your generator by absorbing the pressure from your high current appliances. It has no contact with your generator and therefore does not harm the Coil and No damage to the generator. Gone are the days when you wait for Nepa and PHCN before you use your iron. Iron booster is a cautioner between the supplier and the load. It lightens the load plugged on it.
Advantages of Using Generator Power Booster
1. It takes load away from the generator and allows it to run freely without humming or jerking.
2. It increases the working capacity of the generator.
3. It reduces the cost repairs as a result of much load on the generator
4. Have no negative effect on your generator sets, but it increases the live span of the generator.
5. Does not stop you from using other loads like bulbs, cd, TV sets etc.
6. It does not increase fuel consumptions.
7. It is strong and durable.
8. You can use it to plug any other appliance. Before you do, always check the power rating instruction that follows it.
9. It is simple to use. It is plug and use device.
10. it is very useful for people living in areas without Nepa light and irregular power supply.
This is a new product, I am looking for marketers that will help promote this products. If you are interested in marketing this product, please call 08061343300. You will never regret marketing this product because you have a lot to gain, no competition and the price is affordable.
Call 08061343300, 08029320295 or Visit our site:
For Payment on Delivery Services Visit:

Price: ₦8 000.00
Category: Stabilizer
Location: Lagos
Town/City: Ikeja
Telehone: 08061343300

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