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Prostatectomy surgery is usually prescribed for prostate cancer patients after the disease has been diagnosed and staged. It is quite important that the doctor and the patient come together for developing a treatment plan after carefully evaluating all the treatment choices which are available. Weighing advantages and disadvantages of each available treatment option along with possible risks and side effects should be looked upon prior to undergoing treatment. Treatment options which are commonly available for men with prostate cancer include watchful waiting, active surveillance, prostatectomy surgery, advanced radiation therapies like CyberKnife, cryosurgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, vaccine treatment and bone directed treatment. In most prostate cancer cases, these treatments are prescribed one at a time, but in some cases they may also be combined in a treatment plan. Undergoing prostate cancer treatment in India is an excellent opportunity for overseas patients seeking good quality of affordable prostate cancer treatments in foreign countries. Advanced noninvasive radiation therapy and prostatectomy surgery in India are of international standards and at par with the best in the world. Additionally, prostate cancer treatments in India are reasonably priced whereby patients can save almost 70 percent of the costs that they would have to pay in other countries. Travcure Medical Tourism is a globally reputed healthcare service provider which is associated with top doctors and the best accredited multispecialty hospital facilities in the country.

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