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Deep brain stimulation is an ideal surgical treatment procedure for epilepsy patients and which can effectively reduce episodes of seizures which cannot be controlled with medications. Deep brain stimulation procedure involves surgically implanting electrodes in specific areas of the patient's brain. While there are several methods of treating epilepsy, deep brain stimulation is specifically helpful where it is not possible to treat seizures with other types of surgeries. However, deep brain stimulation is meant to reduce seizures and not for curing epilepsy. It can effectively control excessive electrical activity by stimulating areas of the patient's brain with small regular electrical impulses which reduce frequency and severity of seizures. Neurosurgery treatments in India, including deep brain stimulation for epilepsy, are world-class in quality and performed by globally recognized neurosurgeons having performed numerous such operations in the past. They are adept at performing the most complex neurosurgeries and handling the latest technological advances. Travcure Medical Tourism is a reputed healthcare service provider which is closely associated with top neurosurgeons and the best accredited multispecialty hospital facilities in the country.
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