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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems allow operators to
monitor and record television images for a variety of purposes,
including security, surveillance, and safety.
CCTV involves the use of video cameras to produce images for
display on a limited number of screens/ monitors. CCTV systems
integrated with alarm and perimeter protection systems, form a
complete intrusion detection system. CCTV is becoming more
and more common in our everyday lives because it is a
highly-effective tool for safety and in the fight against crime. It is
employed by prisons, banks, urban police forces, airports,
military organizations, utilities, large corporations, various other
organizations, and individuals.

Specific CCTV uses include:
- Remote viewing of dangerous industrial processes that are unsafe for human viewing.
- Perimeter security around homes, offices, power plants, military installations,
warehouses, police stations, and other defended facilities.
- Intrusion or theft monitoring of secure spaces, whether indoors (halls, lobbies, specific
doors and rooms, etc.) or outdoors (parking lots, automatic teller machines, loading
docks, etc.).
- Monitoring of vehicular traffic for traffic-control purposes or detection of illegal activity
(speeding, smuggling, etc.).
- Identity-checking of persons desiring entry into a building.
- Computerized recognition of individual faces, with possible identification of "wanted"

Summit Systems Ltd designs and implements CCTV systems that can be streamlined or
tailored to any specific application. Wireless models are available for ease of installation
especially in an existing building structure to avoid wall braking and conduit cabling.

We also handle repairs, maintenance and upgrade of any CCTV network and associated
perimeter protection systems.

we are associated with the shipment,sales,and set-up of all form of CCTV DEVICES.

TESO TECH LIMITED(ICT Solutions provider)

Price: ₦150 000.00
Category: Surveillance & Security
Location: Oredo
Town/City: Benin City
Telehone: 09077253070

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